Friday, January 25, 2008


Former Industrial Design students at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), Alissa Coe and Carly Waito are the two artists behind a coe&waito - a line of porcelain pieces that combines sculpture and beauty in one.

Many of the objects are slip cased in moulds the artists create themselves and each object is carefully hand-finished. Portions of the objects are often unglazed, exposing the beauty of the raw porcelain. These exposed areas are thoroughly sanded, leaving a soft smooth finish to touch.

Although their collection includes functional tabletop items, small sculptural pieces, lighting, as well as larger installation-based projects, it is their line of Rorschach-inspired vases that catches the eye.

Slip cast in porcelain, with creamy clear glaze, these vessels comes in three sizes, each with a selection of black ink blot inspired botanical decals to choose from.

Are the designs supposed to represent a tree? A leaf? A flower? No matter what the viewer sees, it’s always beautiful.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Daniel Schneider

There is a list of established artists who are recognized after producing a series of iconic works. Georgia O’Keefe is celebrated for her floral-inspired watercolours, Jackson Pollack is accredited for mastering the drip method, and Canadian Daniel Schneider is noted for his Chandelier Series of drawings.

Schneider’s drawings explore the transition from non-traditional still-life drawing to abstraction. Using the repetitive act of mark-making, the accumulation of line creates a visual tension between the flatness of the surface and the illusion of spatial depth.

“The continuous layering technique takes place until the work reaches a point at which it hovers between representation and abstraction,” says Schneider. “The essence of the original chandelier remains, while the viewer’s attention is brought to the formal element of line and the physicality of the mark-making process.”

His now-iconic drawings have made several appearances around Canada (Four Seasons Hotel, Cityline, and issues of Canadian House and Home), proving that Canadian artists can make an impact on the design world.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008



Even with his two degrees, Steven realizes they can only take him so far in the working world. Sitting behind a desk, doing repetitive tasks can produce copious amounts of boredom.

So, while refining his media, presentation, and project management skills at PR agencies, non-profits, and cultural institutions, his multi-tasking always leaves time to write for the creative world of publishing - print and digital.

As the editor of Canuck Canuck, Steven’s main focus is the latest and greatest Canadian art, books, design, food, entertainment, and people who make this a great nation. To him, it’s human nature.


West Coast Editor

Alan Woo lives and writes from the Wet Coast, aka, Vancouver, British Columbia. When he isn’t doing yoga, smoking bud, or hitting the slopes, he can be found trying to uncover the secrets of the rapidly growing city. He has written for Rice Paper magazine, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver magazine, and Xtra West.

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It’s also the home to some of the best shopping, food, artists, entertainment, etc. in the world. And, that’s where this site comes in.

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