Thursday, January 10, 2008

Canuck Canuck

The Canadian cliché of igloos, Eskimos, Mounties and moose still lingers in the minds of many. But, Canada is more than a series of stereotypes. Canada is a country of cities juxtaposed with wide-open spaces, a land created to house various cultures, and a nation that’s home to millions.

It’s also the home to some of the best shopping, food, artists, entertainment, etc. in the world. And, that’s where this site comes in.

Canuck Canuck is out to find the coolest in Canadian culture and creativity. It’s about the people, places and things that many miss out on because they don’t know about their existence.

Canada is home to many things, and Canuck Canuck is there to talk about them.

O Canada. We stand on guard for thee.

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