Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tobias Wong

Canadian-born artist Tobias Wong has been carving out a name for himself for much of this past decade. His work is irreverent, ironic, and cheeky. From a diamond ring whose setting is hidden on the inside (”Who else should care?”) to pills filled with silver (”So your shit can sparkle!”), his back catalogue alone serves as the best supply store for those who want to celebrate Valentine’s with a little more edge.

Take, for example, a reverse diamond ring from his “Diamond Project” that’s “Perfect for tagging any surface!” Just don’t drop it into the champagne - the results could be disastrous if swallowed.

Tired of paying $100 for a dozen red roses? For a little bit more, why not purchase something romantic and functional? Wong’s Ballistic Rose Brooch is the perfect V-Day gift to show a loved one that you care about them and their safety. Made from bullet-proof material, this is one flower that will still be in bloom long after the red roses have wilted away. Wear it over the heart to ward off stray bullets!

For something a tad more sentimental, check out Wong’s popular Sunjars. Charge them up during the day and they provide the perfect lighting for that romantic dinner you have planned. They’re also good for solitary nights while sitting down and eating a TV dinner. Enjoy!

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