Saturday, January 17, 2009

Greta Constantine

Jersey is a popular weave of fabric, with its versatility seen in shirts to shorts. But, it takes a special kind talent to whip it into something that allows the wearer feel calm, cool and confident.

Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong are the men behind Greta Constantine - a sexy and glamourous line for women who have a taste for designs that accentuate and flatter the body.

Established in 2005, Wong's draping and design expertise, paired with Pickersgill's knowledge of fashion forecasting was a collaborative partnership since the start. Their first presentation of sensual bathing suits on models (both female and male) slinking around, left the audience wanting more. Since that moment, they haven't stopped giving their fans more of the same.

From short shirts, to dresses, to evening gowns, season after season they manage to show a variety of styles that are versatile and suitable for almost every body type. Whether lounging around by the pool, or going out to a gala event, Greta Constantine proves that it doesn't matter what kind of material is used, but how it's used.

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