Friday, January 30, 2009

Brothers Dressler

Twin brothers, Jason and Lars Dressler, have always shared an interest in building and have been working together since 2003 on custom-designed furniture, unique projects, batch productions, and one-off pieces.

Approaching design as engineers and craftsmen, the brothers focus on sustainable processes and materials to bring their work to life. Their efforts result in works which evoke a sense of harmony between the natural and industrial worlds.

What stands out amongst their several pieces (which include tables, benches, etc.) is their onedge series: a line which uses plywood on its edge to create form, structure, and comfort.

The cantilevered design of the onedge rocker offers slight flex and movement. The onedge lounge (now in its fifth generation), is comprised of repeated elements that are bolted together without the use of adhesives. Designed for relaxation, the cantilevered base offers flexibility and bounce for added comfort.

Both designs are available with or without arms, while the lounge can be accompanied by an ottoman that can also be used on its side as a table or stool.

Due to their environmentally-friendly mandate, any excess materials from their onedge series is transformed into cutlets and bracelets.

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