Friday, February 6, 2009

Suite 88

Valentine’s is just around the corner, and it’s basically an excuse to go eat chocolate. If you happen to be in Montreal, why not head down to La Rue de St. Denis to check out a fabulous little chocolatier called Suite 88. Here you’ll find Montreal’s “first ever chocolate lounge and boutique.”

One review of this upscale chocolate house likens it to being the “Tiffany’s of chocolates.” It’s true; upon entering, visitors are greeted with glass cases of different styles of chocolate. From their mini tableaux, chocolates adorned with gorgeous artwork drawn on them, to their chocolate domes and a plentiful variety of chocolate bars.

Their flavours include green tea chocolate, Grand Marnier, Absolut Mandarin, chilli cayenne, thyme, paprika, and early grey, just to name a few. Not only were there bars, but they also have “shooters”: chocolates that you bite the top off of, and then shoot back the alcohol that resides inside!

A trip made on a chilly spring day can be met with their trademark Cayenne Hot Chocolate, a Mayan-inspired hot chocolate laced with cayenne pepper. The chocolate satisfies one’s sweet tooth, while the pepper burns its way down the drinker’s throat right into his or her belly - the perfect way to warm up on a cold day in the city!

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