Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There are only so many Canadian design icons that are easily identified upon first glance. Some of them are original (the Mountie, Tim Hortons coffee), while others are inspired by the land of a winter that lasts six months.

Made of reused hockey sticks, stainless steel hardware, and rare-earth magnets, the Schtick is a new Canadian icon of design (albeit, one based on a national pastime). It’s not only fun, but functional. While it hangs from the ceiling, it can hold up to 11 kilos on its ‘hooks’ that swoop to the sides.

A side project of Stephen Lindsay, urbanproduct is a Toronto-based firm that transforms and re-purposes everyday objects for the home including living, bedroom and kitchen.

With a philosophy of functionality, affordability and an ecological awareness, the designs begin as a concept which leads to a high quality, unique product – all done with a strictly quirky, Canadian twist.

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  1. We have a similar Schtick in the USA which we are terribly proud. It is a bar stool using four used baseball bats as legs and a catchers mitt as a seat cushion seasoned with rare pitcher's mound earth. And we don't even have those six months of winter to inspire us!

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