Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jessica Lertvilai

There are a million different ways to tell or show someone you love them. Sadly, very few of them are original. There are requisite flowers, chocolates, diamonds and doo-dads. Been there, done that.

Is there anyone who can come up with a new way of loving someone else? Yes, there is.

Artist Jessica Lertvilai has come up with a vase that combines the essence of words with that of language in a completely new and novel fashion. Using earthenware, she has designed the “Love Is Blind” vase – a vessel that contains a love message transcribed into Braille on the side. The faint and delicate texture is just waiting to be touched, and the hidden meaning is a little secret between two lovers.

You can bring flowers home, but make sure to keep this vessel on hand for an extra special – and romantic – touch.

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